Know how well your store is operating with retail audit companies in Delhi

Every outlet itself is a living organism, which is difficult to keep track of without retail audit companies in Delhi. It is even more difficult with large stores, with huge super- and hypermarkets.

There are quite a lot of problems for those who are engaged in the retail sale of small parts, lamps, sockets, batteries, and other small things necessary for the home. Not every store can pay enough attention to this category of goods if it is not specialized, and this is retail audit companies in Delhi step in.

Whatever one may say, the human factor largely determines the fate of the goods on the shelves: it is unlikely that a young sales assistant will want to mess around with a thousand switches. That is why the further fate of the goods is to be stuffed under the bottom of the shelf or constantly and randomly scattered around.

Well, from such an action, not only will the sales of this product not grow, but they can, on the contrary, fall to the lowest bar.

How does a particular outlet work? What are the mistakes at work? How to identify them in retail and respond accordingly to the problems and shortcomings that have arisen? All this is done by a special section in marketing and merchandising- a retail audit.


The whole essence of a retail audit lies not only in an extensive study of the placement of goods on the shelves and in the department, visiting outlets to obtain the necessary information, photographing objects, telephone conversations with the administration, questioning visitors to the outlet, if necessary, but also in a detailed analysis of all received during data processing.

All information is provided to the person who has requested for the audit and then he decides what to do and how to do it based on recommendations developed by retail audit companies in Delhi (with the help of the information obtained during the audit).


1. When auditing retail trade, retail audit companies in Delhi pay attention to price tags, package integrity, cleanliness on the shelf itself and next to it, the presence/absence of POS materials, and the place it occupies among analogs, including the product range of one brand.

In short: everything that affects sales and the image of the brand/company that owns the product.

2. Attention is also drawn to competitive products; their cost and main advantages are fixed. Even a penny difference is very important in the retail market. Especially in the DIY category.

3. Retail auditors also look at price differences between wholesalers and retailers. It’s no secret that each store chooses its price tag, sometimes significantly different from the real cost. That’s when sales at this outlet may fall.

4. And where can a business go without evaluating the marketing activity of a competitor? It is important to immediately find out if he put an advertisement of his own next to your product, and if he started a new and effective promotion in the same store.

After reading all this, if you think that your retail business or store needs an audit, visit to get expert assistance now! 

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