Businesses: The Role Of Tailored Advisory Services

Uncertain times, difficulties in finding information, pressure to achieve the expected results, these are some of the reasons that push companies, especially large ones, to rely on the specific experience of consulting firms.

“Tailor-made” consultancy becomes an irreplaceable form of collaboration for managers who have to make decisions that have a significant impact on the organization and on the people they manage.

By taking advantage of the great experience accumulated in the business consulting field, companies that rely on strategic consulting can achieve excellent performance, generating value for themselves and for their shareholders.

Business consulting and budget management

There are cases in which business consultancy is requested in small specific areas, regarding operational aspects of business management limited to certain areas. This is the case, for example, of support for the preparation of the business plan or the management of the company budget.

In fact, companies are increasingly moving from a simple drafting of the commercial budget and economic budget, towards greater attention to the financial capital aspects in order to achieve a medium-long term balance.

It thus happens that companies only need consultancy for the preparation of the asset budget and the financial budget.

Just as it also happens that when legislation changes, companies find themselves unprepared to face bureaucratic difficulties and need external support. This is the case, for example, of consultancy for the preparation of the financial statement.

These specific activities are carried out by business advisory firms in India who are experts in these areas and the choice of managing the relationship with the consultant remains with the client, who generally has two possibilities:

  • The customer can choose continuous support over time;
  • The customer can ask for a first coaching of a few hours and then continue independently.

In the second case, company training methods are developed in order to support the required company maneuver, and train personnel capable of continuing independently.

In these cases, the objective of the consultancy will be to provide the company with a consolidated practice aimed at addressing that specific area and specific problem.

This procedure must generate results for the client company, but also and above all must lead to a development of skills and an expansion of the company’s knowledge assets.

The concreteness: an excellent consultant brings measurable results

The declared goal of each consultant must be to accompany the client step by step towards recognizable, tangible and lasting improvements.

All top business consulting firms in India generate an effective and evaluable return, giving the client concrete and practical support, key tools and methodologies, to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the interventions over time.

A little more technically, these concrete tools are among the fundamental foundations that any business consultant should use:

An assessment of the company’s history and background, with analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;

A complete and detailed presentation of the consultant, in a document describing shared KPIs (key performance indicators) and explanation of the operational plan;

A subsequent and timely analysis of performance, with goals achieved and missed, evaluation reports and tangible conclusions.

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