Business Consulting: The Useful Guide For Your Company!

Business Consultancy, a word that has been widely used in recent years, we read it everywhere, we find thousands of sites online, we hear about it on the radio, and very often we find ourselves in front of advertisements from unreliable consultants and improvised characters.

This gigantic ocean of information leads the customer not to understand the real importance of Business Consulting, because he often gets lost in excessive technicalities without being able to figure it out, without getting a clear idea.

So, what does Business Consulting really mean?

Let’s start from the starting point of any user on the web that is by analyzing what we can find on Google, looking for information.

The term business consultancy does not mean a type of consultancy but the grouping of specific and sectoral consultancy aimed at the world of companies and public bodies.

Therefore, technical/technological, fiscal, transaction advisory services, financial, legal, psychological, medical, IT, image and communication, personnel administration, notary, etc. consultancy when addressed not to private individuals but to companies, falls into the broad category of business consulting.

This definition is flawless, but it suggests how much “business consulting” in itself does not mean much.

It is therefore good to be wary of those who profess to be “business consultants” as if they were a jolly handyman, it is instead necessary to be specialists with well-rooted skills in a type of consultancy, with solutions created expressly to solve problems in that specific business environment.

Business Consulting: the types of consulting

In the vast category of business consultancy there are many types of consultancy, let’s try to summarize some of them in a list to facilitate understanding:

  • Financial advice
  • Tax, tax and accounting consultancy (administrative consultancy)
  • IT consulting
  • Technical consultancy
  • Image marketing and communication consultancy
  • Personnel administration consultancy
  • Legal advice

All these are forms of business consultancy and technically, anyone who provides a service to a company to improve its production or internal processes is a business consultant.

Management consulting and strategic planning

Among the many types of business consultancy, a prominent position stands out for specific consultancy, recently highly sought after on the web and in great demand by companies: it is Management Consultancy.

It is a topic that we explored in the post Management Consulting: why it is so important for your company precisely because it is of interest to many companies. Here, we will only make a brief introductory summary, to understand it more clearly, you can consult business advisory firms.

Management consulting is often considered as the spearhead among the various forms of consulting, due to its great strategic value and its ability to trigger a powerful factor of change.

Generally, we can say that the areas of intervention of management consulting concern strategic areas, precisely directional or managerial. Areas in which choices become crucial and potentially determine good or poor business management.

Management consulting allows a qualitative leap that involves and improves the whole company, starting from a solid strategic planning.

By “strategic planning” we mean everything that concerns the company at “high levels”, in its economic, patrimonial, financial or organizational aspect: from management control to the reorganization of flows or procedures as a whole.

It is therefore a rather extensive operational area, which bears equally extensive results, we refer you to the contact business advisory firms in India to discover this in detail.

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