What Is The Administration And Sale Of Assets?

Before describing what is the management and sale of assets, it is important to understand what the assets represent for an organization. Assets are understood as assets and rights that a company has and counts as such even those that can generate future benefits to it. 

So what is asset management?

Asset management allows the management of a company’s fixed assets throughout its life cycles. Through good management of the assets of a business, it is possible to improve its performance, as well as reduce costs, improve return on investment, etc.

In fact, as assets are so important, in a company, there is an ISO standard that regulates them and is applicable in Peru, for some years. What summarizes the regulations is the maintenance of risk control. In this way, it is necessary to know what happens with the assets during the whole life of those integrating them with the other information systems of the corporation; this gives valuable information that allows decisions to be made.

The basis of good asset management

Having a good asset management, certification will be one of the positive consequences, but so will the improvement of the internal business processes, as well as the identification of valuable assets for the organization.

In asset management it is important to start from the analysis that allows identifying those that represent more costs or those that are no longer beneficial, once this is done you can think of a strategy that leads to the benefit of the company.

What is the sale of assets?

The fixed assets of a company can be sold after a while. A company has to know when is the best time to make the sale since everything is well depreciable. The sale of assets, in this way, represents both a gain and a loss for the organization; that must be registered and the money obtained can be invested in the acquisition of new assets.

Can a third party handle the administration and sale of my company’s assets?

Asset management and sale is not a complicated process, but requires continuous review. In that sense, if there is no accounting area in charge of this work, there are companies for which it is better to outsource the service.

CAC, for example, provides accounting consultancy in this regard and since its equipment is constantly updated, it is aware of changes in environmental conditions to identify the points that can be improved, year after year, in each business they manage.

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