Information guide on Symbols, Registered Trademarks & Copyright

The reputation and continued existence of any business are solely reliant on its brand name. Brand loyalty is the most crucial asset of any business that marks its name in the market as an established and reputed company. Today, consumers are more brand savvy than ever, and the market is crowded. Hence, getting the target customers’ attention is the most crucial step. It leads to companies of all sizes and sectors and start-ups turning to Small Business Advisory Services.

The most significant factors influencing consumer purchase decisions are trademark and copyright. You can register three different forms of intellectual property.

  • Patents: They explain how something operates or created
  • Logos: They safeguard a product, a part of a product, or its overall aesthetic
  • Trademarks: They are the icons that set your products or services apart from those of your rivals
  • Copyright: They safeguard the authorship of an original artistic or literary work


Copyrights, trademarks, and registrations enable organizations to guard their original ideas against theft and misuse. Even though they all provide the same function, their usage and definitions vary.

Why do businesses need Copyright and Trademarks?

Trademark offers Basic logo and slogan protection, whereas copyright safeguards and protects original intellect. However, copyright doesn’t cover short phrases frequently seen in logos. Rather, trademark law. Naturally, this prompts the query of why a business would demand both in a logo design. Hence, companies turn to corporate consultant companies to develop a distinctive brand identity. If the logo is exceptionally intricate and a one-of-a-kind work of art, it can qualify for trademarks and copyright protection.

Trademarks TM, R, and C have often used symbols, yet most of us have no idea what they mean or how to utilize them. The general public is intrigued by these symbols and wonders why businesses or artists employ them in conjunction with their logos, titles, or other devices and creative works.

The meanings of the rights mark ® and the TM symbol are distinct. TM is employed during registration, and the ® symbol is used once the registration process is complete. Because they are different from one another, we are unable to treat them equally. However, trademark registration is crucial because it protects the brand and enables the business to take legal action against anyone using the mark without permission. Here, Small Business Advisory Services can be of good help.

The Trade Mark Act of 1999 does not require registration before use therefore anybody may use the mark without fear of legal repercussions. Copyright grants the creator ownership of protection for his creative works.

Final thoughts

The blog is to educate the company owners about the significance of these symbols, processes, and the protection of intellectual property rights.

If you are in the process of implementing them to create a lasting brand identity that is well-protected, but has no idea where to start, then CAC is the place to be. Contact CAC for Small Business Advisory Services, income tax, GST, compliance outsourcing financial services, accounting, and more.

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