Establishment Of A Company In India: How Experts Can Help?

business setup advisory services

We all know how complex it is to register or form a company in a country like India where the rules and regulations are vast and filled with red-tapism.

And to make this process of company formation easier for you, we are here with our expertise in making suitable entry strategies for different businesses.

The team of our professional strategy makers helps us in providing the correct advice and suggestions for business owners or newcomers in the field who are willing to form a company in India.

We help our clients in forming a company right from the first step to the last, which in turn, helps them to achieve their goals in the right manner.

Company registration in India can be carried out in a convenient remote mode. To do this, we recommend that you contact the specialists of CAC, who will provide you with a full range of legal services and help you quickly solve the following tasks:

  • choose the optimal organizational form for your business.
  •  obtain permits and a license for entrepreneurship.
  •  draw up registration documents.

CAC is a professionally managed company helping entrepreneurs to choose the best legal entity in India and provide assistance in forming a company in India, registering a company in India, or setting up a company in India.

Our business setup advisory services include providing and procuring institutional nods from government bodies such as Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Registrar of Companies (ROC), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority (FCRA), etc.

All this helps in making processes such as having a clear business title, acquiring land, and having conversion rights easier and problem-free.

We offer information on best practices for doing business, as well as one-to-one advice on company formation in India, the formation of a private limited company, a public limited company, corporate finance, and a full range of issues related to foreign investment in India.

Some of the strategies that we use and suggest to businesses are as follows:

Company incorporation: We help in the incorporation of a company/entity by preparing shareholder’s agreement (SHA), making of joint venture (JV) agreement, appointing key personnel, selecting an office, obtaining requisite approvals, and ensuring appropriate documentation.

Project management: We help in picking up the right industrial location suitable for businesses and obtaining required clearances from concerned government bodies. Along with this, our business advisory service also helps businesses in forming relationships between contractors and key service providers.

Entry strategy: It is of utmost importance for business entities to follow an appropriate route and then invest in India to avoid bad consequences and save time. For this, our experienced team of business advisors creates an entry strategy for the business by making an analysis of the current regulations and evaluating the options available for making an entry into the industry.

Study of location: It is no doubt that India is a vast and diverse country where choosing the right location for your business holds a lot of importance.

For solving this problem, our experts perform a location analysis focusing on demographics of different states, and also covering the benefits available there for that particular business.

Regulatory Consents: We have a specialized team that helps in getting approvals from ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority’ (FCRA), ‘Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), ‘Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), and other govt. agencies related to business formation.

Assistance in Start-up: Nowadays, the start-up of businesses is in trend, and therefore, we are committed to providing the best services to new business owners who are in search of getting help in establishing good office infrastructure and manpower.

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