Controls and Fight Against Tax Evasion: Can you be Subject to Tax Audits?

The fight against tax evasion is one of the central themes, so much so that over the years measures have been introduced to stimulate the taxpayer to pay voluntarily. However, tax evasion is an ever-increasing phenomenon.

Let’s get to know more about a tax audit, who the stakeholders are, and how you can avoid this phenomenon with the help of Tax Firms in Delhi.

Tax audits: who gets checked?

Tax evasion is the evil of many countries. The priority of the government, therefore, is to strengthen the fight against tax evasion, which starts with the division of taxpayers into various categories (small or medium-sized enterprises) and is based on the degree of risk.

The taxpayer who has a high degree of risk of evasion is subjected to tax audits and controls. All taxpayers can be selected and subject to tax audits. Then, based on the type of taxpayer, different operations are analyzed.

The audit must focus on concrete risk situations. In short, what your real ability to pay must emerge or whether you have hidden it.

It is directed towards those subjects at high risk who, despite the letters of compliance (voluntary regularization), have responded negatively, not modifying their behavior in any way. In other words, they continue to behave illegally and not pay taxes.

In addition to these, the other taxpayers subject to audit are those who have misused tax credits in compensation or have benefited from undue tax benefits.

The false myth of the tax evader entrepreneur

Unfortunately, for many years the figure of the entrepreneur was compared to that of the tax evader. There is evasion, we do not hide it, but we must not pass this figure as that of the one who only wants to invoice, who bypasses the laws to avoid paying taxes.

Those who work honestly find themselves suffocated with a thousand difficulties. Thanks to Tax Firms in Delhi, these entrepreneurs can get a sense of relief.

Tax Firms in Delhi can develop for you a tailor-made tax plan to reduce the weight of taxes by claiming tax benefits made available by the government.

Tax advice: 2 minutes to change the business future

If we, were you, we would not let this opportunity pass me by for any reason in the world? If you care about the growth of your company, tax consultancy is the perfect opportunity to grow your company by drastically reducing the burden of taxation.

During the consultation with tax and Business Consulting Firms in Delhi, you will discover how through the pool of professionals you too can:

  • reduce your tax burden and increase the liquidity to invest for your company;
  • reduce the impact of labor costs on your company, while increasing the productivity of your employees;

Experts in the field will try to understand if we can help you build planning strategies tailored to you, to plan the financial future of your company and protect your corporate assets.

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