Auditor: For The Evaluation Of The Company Balance Sheet

The Auditor carries out an indispensable activity to verify and certify the truthfulness and correctness of the formulation of a financial statement. Let’s see who the Auditor is and what he does.

What are the professional goals of an auditor?

The statutory auditing of the accounts, carried out by the Auditor, is aimed at drafting a document that includes all the details on the assessment of the correctness of a company’s balance sheet and its economic solidity. This activity is carried out to guarantee market transparency, as well as to offer protection to all parties interested in the performance of the company (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, tax authorities, etc.).

What specific tasks does the Auditor perform?

The activity of the Retail audit companies is complex and can involve long times.

Firstly, it carries out a preliminary analysis of the internal control procedures and preparation of the financial statements and continues with the verification of the regulatory compliance of the administrative procedures, accounting records and financial statements.

All the activity must necessarily be documented, therefore the Auditor is required to prepare the documentation relating to the review process. Finally, he will be in charge of drawing up a final audit report, containing the overall opinion on the financial statements and, possibly, the suggestions addressed to the company management.

What are the characteristics and skills that an auditor must have?

Various and complex technical skills are required from the retail audit firms in Delhi.

  • First of all, he must master the legislative and operational aspects relating to the financial statements, the balance sheet, and the income statement.
  • He is also required to know the national, and international standards for correct business management.
  • It is important that the Auditor also has skills in the field of data collection techniques, documentation and reporting, as well as having the ability to work on information and software technologies useful for his work.
  • As far as personal qualities are concerned, the following are very important: precision, rigor and confidentiality (absolute discretion on the information collected during the professional activity is fundamental).
  • Knowledge of the English language is also functional for carrying out the revision activities, especially the technical terms required by the profession.

How do you become an auditor?

First of all, it is necessary to consider that to undertake the profession of Auditor it is necessary to register in the Register of Auditors at the Ministry of Justice.

The State exam, held annually and chaired by a commission appointed by the Ministry of Justice, can be accessed after a three-year internship , carried out at the study of a Legal Auditor in the context of the control of financial statements, upon registration in the appropriate register of reviewing practitioners.

As far as training is concerned, the most suitable qualification to be able to carry out the internship and take the exam is the degree in economics and commerce or in economics and business administration, preferably preceded by an accountancy diploma.

Where does an Auditor work?

An Auditor can also work internally within the company, with a clerical level, but more frequently he works as an external consultant, with his own activity or on behalf of Independent Auditors authorized to certify the company’s financial statements.

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