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Wealth Management


Wealth Management

Wealth management is to provide various types of Investment, Mutual Funds, PMS, Insurance, Gold, Banking products and your other financial needs.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a scientific tool which helps you to identify & prioritize your future needs & dreams, quantify them into financial terms and manage your resources in such a manner so as to fulfil all your goals based on your risk profile.


Retirement Planning

Retirement plan calculates the amount you will require to live the life after retirement the way you wish and prepare a detailed action plan about how to reach that pre-determined goal.


Tax Planning

Tax planning is about taking an efficient view of your portfolio making best use of tax deductions, exemptions, rebate and reliefs in order to optimize your RETURN ON INVESTMENTS.


Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses. Depending on the health insurance plan chosen, the policy holder can get coverage for critical illness expenses, surgical expenses, hospital expenses and also safe guard against unseen pandemics like CORONA..


Life Insurance

Vital employee requirements like retirement planning, planning for children’s needs and financial planning are postponed because of lack of guidance and time. In addition, unhealthy work lifestyles & increasing work pressure leads- to bad eating habits and lack of time to exercise causing obesity, ill health and stress related diseases. There is a dire need among employees for guidance and help on their life planning requirements – to safeguard both their health and wealth.



A safe and good investment option for those who want to keep the money in the market safely and want a regular return from the money invested. Various options include GOI-RBI Bonds, Corporate Bonds/ NCDs/ Tax Free bonds and Corporate Fixed Deposits.


Trust and Estate Planning

To help our clients develop an effective wealth transfer plan. Create and update your Will – An essential component of the estate plan, a Will is a primary document for transferring wealth upon death. Time spent now deciding how you wish your legacy to be passed on to your heirs will avoid problems later. Review your Estate Plan - Lifestyle changes trigger a need to review your estate plan. Choose your Executor - Settling an estate is a complex process that often spans many months. Choosing an executor or personal representative who is knowledgeable and will be available to settle your estate is important to your peace of mind as well as the security of your loved ones.


Portfolio Advisory

Based upon the specific needs you have and the stage of life you are at, we develop a risk profile for you and assign a specific portfolio type for you based on one of the following themes: Conservative / Balanced / Aggressive / Super aggressive / Dividend yield theme which is reviewed on a monthly basis.


How do we begin working together?

We transition the management of your financial affairs in accordance with your specific needs and expectations. We will dedicate as much time as your situation requires while respecting your privacy and availability.


Wealth Management is the management of a client's wealth by a professional trained to get maximum value for the client’s financial assets. An investment Management discipline, it incorporates various aggregated financial services such as financial planning, investment portfolio management, etc.

While we use sophisticated mathematical/statistical tools to allocate your investments among the various asset classes and model the growth in your investment portfolio, it is important to keep in mind the inherent variability in market returns in most asset classes. Thus, we do not guarantee any minimum returns, but we do carry out appropriate simulations to provide adequate confidence on achievement of goals and targets.

This is a very personal decision. To answer this question, we would need to learn more about your family history, employment status, other income and resources, cash flow, and short-term needs, among other things.

When you think about wellness, consider the effect it can have on your body and on your balance sheet. While there is nothing more important than good health, a sound retirement strategy can give you the potential for the financial future you want and deserve.

We offer holistic wealth management strategies. Over the course of our relationship we will discuss financial planning, retirement goals, education planning, insurance needs, estate planning, portfolio management, and family values.

We transition the management of your financial affairs in accordance with your specific needs and expectations. We will dedicate as much time as your situation requires while respecting your privacy and availability.

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