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Forensic accounting and fraud detection

Forensic accounting is the branch of business economics that deals with identifying, collecting and processing information in order to use them in the context of arbitration, civil litigation or criminal cases. The two main areas of activity are investigative (prevention and detection of corporate fraud) and support for litigation (the forensic accountant assumes the role of technical consultant of party or office).

The works that the forensic accounting experts carry out are:

  • Discovery of falsification in financial reports
  • Discovery of fraud or deliberate fraud
  • Discovery of tax evasion
  • Discovery of false bankruptcy
  • Evaluation of the value of transactions relating to assets
  • Division of assets between partners
  • Discovery of errors and carelessness
  • Falsification of documents
  • Discovery of employee theft, and the like.

The Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection expert can help the management so that the activity is carried out in harmony with the regulations, i.e. with the provisions of the law.
With the globalization of finance and the economy, the activity of verification and control has assumed greater importance, so much so that specific professional skills are developed to prevent or discover financial irregularities, fraudulent activities, and commercial negligence.

A Forensic Accountant is a kind of investigator to unearth fraud and illegal accounting acts by a company or an individual. Our specialists in the area have extensive understanding and experience in the professional field of Auditing and Accounting Expertise.

Thus, they are able to detect fraudulent activities, such as intentional manipulation of accounting, as well as forgery, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering.

At the end of the investigation, the report on the findings is drawn up and delivered to the client, which can serve for internal needs and as a basis for the lawyer for future proceedings.

When litigation involves complex accounting, tax and financial issues, getting support from experts with specialized knowledge and experience in these areas is critical for success.

Our services:

Thanks to the experience gained by our technical consultants, we are able to assist people, organizations and companies in all disputes. We offer a wide range of legal support and forensic accounting services with our team of experts with diverse knowledge and experience in varied businesses.

Our company provides best Forensic accounting services in India that add value to its customers in accounting, tax and financial matters at every stage of litigation processes.

Our company analyzes complex accounting, tax and financial issues, assists in litigation strategies, conducts forensic investigations on fraudulent transactions, provides expert testimony and other related services.
In each case, our company prepares clear and effective reports or makes expert testimony by using it to collect, analyze, process and evaluate all data related to knowledge in different fields.
Our company also determines the control weaknesses of our customers in their business processes and helps its customers to implement the necessary controls to prevent fraudulent behavior.
We guide our customers to deal with such difficulties with in-house the technology experts our team can provide customer centric solutions which suits client needs.

Our mission is to ensure the highest quality of our forensic consultancy services and reports within the areas we cover in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.
We perform audits based on investigative techniques that allow us to determine possible financial crimes and in turn serve as support in any civil, commercial or criminal complaint that requires the help of an accounting expert.

From fraud and corruption allegations to cybersecurity threats and complex legal issues, our Forensic Accounting Services team draws on technology, global network and regulatory background to help you investigate, react and recover in a crisis.

Best of all, we, as the best forensic accounting firms in India, can help you mitigate risks and vulnerabilities- or even prevent them entirely.

Our forensic consultancy services help our clients react quickly and confidently in an event of sudden crisis, investigation or litigation. We use our global network, deep industry knowledge, and advanced analytics technologies to understand and remedy issues. We also provide need based proactive advice to our clients to reduce the risk of facing problems in future.

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