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In order to gain a breakthrough in the Indian business fraternity, one of the major hurdles is that of being able to gauge the complex Indian jurisdiction which is replete with red-tapism. As entry strategy specialists, this is where we come in with our wealth of experience. Our experience over the years coupled with astute strategy makers give us the proficiency to provide the right advice for the businesses which have sector-based needs to fulfill. Our business set up advisory gives project management service support from start to finish thereby letting your goals achieved in a precise manner. As such we also pave way for the most suitable entry route and assisting you in deal structuring. This in turn ensures that you have an umbrella advisory team at your disposal to sort out all regulatory approvals which helps you in consolidation of the new business set up.

Our business set up advisory services also extends to provide and procure institutional nods from the major government bodies like the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Registrar of Companies (ROC), Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority (FCRA) etc., to land acquisition, clear title and conversion rights, we make your experience in India a hassle-free one.

Our Strategy includes:

Entry Strategy– For businesses and enterprise looking to invest in India, the implementation of an appropriate route for investing into India always saves the day. To do so, our business advisory team looks into the formulation of entry strategy for your business. This is done by meticulous analysis of the regulatory environment, evaluate alternative entry options and decide best option.

Location Study – In a vast and diversed country like India, location study is most crucial. Thus, we draw out the location study which is focused on state-based demographics and also covers the key advantages of setting up businesses of a particular kind. Simply put, we take charge of evaluation of the multi perspective geographic, political, economic parameters, including fiscal incentives, rebates and tax concessions knowledge.

Company Incorporation – Facilitation in incorporating entity/company as liaison office (LO), project office (PO), branch office (BO), wholly owned subsidiary (WOS), making of joint venture (JV) agreement, shareholder’s agreement (SHA), appointment of key personnel, selection of office, obtaining requisite approvals, ensuring adequate documentation.

Project Management – The project management under our business advisory takes care of the identification of industrial location, the requisites in regards to necessary clearances from government agencies. We also look after creation of relationship with key service providers and contractors.

Regulatory Approvals – Specialized teams to assist in getting approvals from the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), ‘Secretariat of Industrial Assistance’ (SIA), ‘Foreign Investment Promotion Board’ (FIPB), ‘Registrar of Companies’ (ROC), ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority’ (FCRA) and other concerned agencies.

Start up Support – Startup is a hot proposition in the current. Therefore, we go full throttle with our team in helping you establish the office infrastructure and manpower during the ‘in transit period’ of a company when it is in the process of setting up. Our services go far as even acting as nominee resident directors. We also act as an incubator for startups.

Secretarial Support – Assisting the management in drafting and maintaining statutory records, minutes of meetings of the Board (Annual, Shareholders, Board), appointment and resignation of key personnel, increase/reduction of capital, dividend declaration, change of registered office etc. If called for, we can also take up the task of closure of office and liquidation of an entity.

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