What Is The Store Audit Of A Point Of Sale?

In retail, the performance of store audits, commonly called Store Audits, is an indispensable element to ensure proper organization and verify the operation of commercial activity in physical establishments.

Regardless of the number of stores, audits are a way to control the operation of the points of sale and have as much visibility as possible about all stores. In this article, we talk about the audit in-store by the retail audit companies in Delhi and its importance to manage that everything works correctly and that everything is ready to encourage sales and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

What is a store audit?

In the physical retail, the organization of the points of sale is fundamental to develop commercial activity. The Store Audit consists of auditing each area of ​​the store, to ensure that both the store and the vendors have everything they need to do their job properly.

For many retailers, who must control different points of sale and verify that each of them works correctly, doing an audit consists of moving to the point of sale to check it personally, or receiving reports on the status of each point.

Check the status of each point of sale, that each establishment has the necessary stock, that the windows are clean and tidy, that there is no breakdown, such as lighting or broken furniture, is part of the job of retailers that they must allocate time and resources to check and ensure proper functioning.

The audits represent the way to have this under control and to solve any incident that occurs. Hence the importance of the audit, which is not simply a way to control that the company’s guidelines are met, but also to verify that everything is in line so that the customer has a good shopping experience.

Types of Store Audits

There are different types of store audits that are completed by different professionals. Store sales teams or Store Managers need to report material shortages, breakages or incidents at the point of sale.

The Area Manager, responsible for a set of stores, will perform audits to verify and monitor that the standards of the brand are met in the stores it is responsible for and verify that the stores are operational.

The Mystery Shoppers are also a profile that you need to report and perform store audits on the shopping experience and its observation when posing as customers.

The Store Audits and the different types performed by each person in charge are fundamental to have a deep knowledge of the business. To facilitate the implementation and conduct of store audits, it is important to have adequate communication and reporting tools between store staff and the rest of the teams. TC Check is a professional tool specifically designed for carrying out store audits and saves time and resources in these tasks, facilitating the work of both store teams and retail audit companies in India.

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