Tips For Inventory Management During Peak Sales Periods

As inventory management becomes an even more important issue for e-commerce companies during peak sales and holiday periods, it is one of the works that must be done carefully. You always need to be ready for a busy season after the advertising campaigns you will make to increase the sales and meet the targets.

It is also important to keep and implement your plans that will keep up with these periodic changes while making inventory management or you can also contact inventory management companies in India.

Inventory management tips for busy sales and holiday periods

Plan your warehouse management and layout

To prepare for busy periods, you will first need to set up your warehouse. In order for the orders to be prepared and shipped quickly, you need to make your warehouse suitable.

In addition, while positioning your best-selling or campaign products within easy reach on the warehouse during this busy period, it will facilitate the process of order preparation and will allow the personnel to work more effectively.

Follow your stock before the busy period

Before transitioning to the busy period, you need to perform your stock follow-up comprehensively. Check the stock status of existing products; it is important to look at the stock status of the products to be included in the campaign and to start the process for stock renewal when necessary.

Avoid stock depletion

One of the primary activities you need to do during the busy inventory management process will be to prevent the depletion of stocks. You should check that you have sufficient inventory for this sales period, especially for campaign products that you think will sell best.

Depleting your stocks in the middle of this period causes you to miss sales in the process until you supply these products.

Categorize seasonal products

It is important to identify the products that are sold more during intense, holiday periods and then categorize these products and separate these products on the warehouse.

With this categorization, you can speed up the order creation process; you can make your staff find the products easier.

Identify products to request

In order to carry out inventory management activities more efficiently, you should also pre-plan the products that will be in demand during busy periods.

It will also give you some ideas on how to plan the products that will enter the campaign and be in demand, and on which products you need to keep more stock. You can also consult inventory management firms to make this task easier.

Plan busy periods during the year

Inventory management is not just an instant study. It is important to make long-term plans to keep the stocks of your e-commerce site up to date during the year.

By analyzing the data from previous years, you can analyze which sales were made more during the year and prepare a list of busy periods for the company. In addition to determining these busy periods, by researching which products are also in demand during these periods, you can update your stocks accordingly and determine your strategies.

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