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Retail Audit

For the successful promotion of services and goods, verified and reliable information is especially valuable. There are situations when a lack of data about the market, competitors, or what the target audience prefers, provokes the disruption of promotions, projects, or the entire advertising campaign.

Of course, manufacturers and sellers have to adapt to the realities of the market and adapt to the external environment, however, this is not as difficult as it seems.

An audit of retail outlets is a comprehensive exercise aimed at studying the state of the industry through a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of activities.

A retail audit is usually carried out to comprehensively examine the range of goods, their cost, overall representation in retail outlets, the quality of employees, as well as pricing policy.

This type of research is in demand since it allows you to track and control several factors at once that affect the purchasing power. The audit is conducted as per the standards set up by the concerned authorities.

Retail audits are the controls made to ensure that the sales points comply with the business standards of the industry and/or company. These standards may include standards for the design of points of sale, employee dress code, and interior/exterior layout of stores or branches.


Control of freshness and quality of products. A retail inspection ensures that products are stored correctly and in a marketable condition.

With the retail audit, besides the recommended costs, the relevance, and the placement of the products according to the window display plan are checked and the retail activities of the competitors (promotional products, their prices) are analyzed.

During a retail audit, the usability, appearance, and technical conditions of trade equipment, tools and inventory are also tested.

A stock count is also carried out, which checks the availability of the goods available at the sales place and in the warehouse.

When conducting a retail audit, it is also necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of sales promotions, advertising campaign budgets, and trade marketing research when looking at overall pricing policy and brand popularization.


  • Dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Owners of outlets
  • Franchisors, partners, resellers


  • We use modern monitoring and evaluation technologies and innovative operational data validation processes.
  • We are fast and efficient: We start the project right from day one and start submitting data the same day.
  • We guarantee data reliability: All our statements/observations are supported by confirmations and references.
  • We offer practical solutions.

With the help of CAC’s expert team, you can make sure that your retail store is working properly as the experience of these professionals shows key problems that are affecting the business and require prompt action to avoid losses.

Along with this, the company works according to the standards and record the data in real-time which in turn helps in getting correct results in the audit.

So, if you are looking for a firm that can conduct a retail audit of your store, our recommendation for you is to contact CAC and grow your business with their high-quality and reliable services.

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