Network Access Control in The Office And Organization

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Information is an important asset and very valuable for business survival and is presented in various formats: notes, oral, electronic, postal, and audio-visual. Therefore, Network Admission Control is important for enhancing competitive success in all sectors of the economy.

The purpose of Network Security is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. The growth of various frauds, espionage, viruses, and hackers has threatened business information management.

Consequently, increasing the expectations of business managers, business partners, auditors, and other stakeholders requires effective information management to ensure the information that ensures business continuity and minimizes business damage by preventing and mitigating the impact of security events.

IT occupies a central place in modern businesses. Management, communication, invoicing, sales, new technologies are now adapted to all services to allow instant access to all data. This requires constant connectivity to the internet, thus exposing companies to a hostile environment where cyber-attacks are constantly evolving. To protect their data and preserve their activities, companies must strengthen the security of their IT systems.

The importance of securing the network in business:

The computer network designates a set of components: computers and peripherals physically linked to each other which ensure communication and data exchange between the various players: customers, employees, or partners.

Thanks to this network, employees share data, which is generally confidential. Among this data, we find sensitive data such as customer bank card numbers, confidential accounting data, data relating to purchases, suppliers, and stock, etc. which is essential to protect against computer attacks and incidents related to misuse.

Indeed, the corporate network is too often exposed to technical failures (bugs or failures), malicious software intrusions (cyberattacks), or quite simply human handling errors, with disastrous consequences. In addition, cyber-attacks are more and more threatening because they are more sophisticated and more numerous.

For these reasons, building a secure network infrastructure is an essential issue both for the sustainability and integrity of the company but also for the protection of customers, partners, and employees. It thus allows:

  • Protection against permanent external cyber attacks
  • Confidentiality of communications everywhere
  • Proactive monitoring of internet bandwidth consumption
  • Remote access control to the company network
  • An organization adapted to working methods (synchronization of printers and local applications) and the culture of the company
  • Maintaining the level of productivity thanks to the rapid deployment of new web applications.

How to ensure the security of your corporate network?

Specialist in Network Admission Control , CAC is the privileged partner to strengthen the security of your corporate networks. As an expert consultant, the team of CAC will support you to set up adequate and advanced security solutions to prevent attacks and hacks, but also to strengthen your entire business. Indeed, securing your company’s network has many advantages, including:

  • Avoids catastrophic data breach crises
  • A pledge of confidence for your partners and employees
  • A strengthened culture in cybersecurity thanks to rules and guiding processes.
  • Savings and better efficiency thanks to an available, accessible, and secure server. Indeed, an unsecured network can lead to heavy losses: commercial fines, legal fees, compliance penalties, and reduced turnover.

CAC is also specialized in auditing your IT security and express diagnosis. In just a few hours, you get a global view of the level of security of your internal network, website, application, the experienced team of CAC puts itself in the shoes of the hacker who targets your company and try to break into your systems.

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