Inventory Management With Barcode Numbering: How And Why?

Inventory Management With Barcode Numbering How And Why

When it comes to inventory tracking and management, automation and technology can be a business owner’s best friend. Although manual inventory counting was considered a useful technique in those days, current inventory systems are largely software-driven and organized with barcoding systems.

When it comes to handling inventory, a barcode inventory system can help improve efficiency and accuracy, while manual efforts leave a lot of room for human error.

Therefore, as the company begins to expand its operations and increase its inventory volumes, it will become evident that a more efficient tracking method needs to be put in place.

One of the most useful and widely used applications of barcode data collection is for inventories, such as the inventory of a logistics warehouse. This choice is mainly justified by the fact that the use of barcode technology is particularly reliable and provides a lot of information.


In a warehouse where products are in transit or where stocks are stored, it is essential to always keep under control the quantities and stocks of the products, as well as to follow the products (and their path) which arrived, dispatched, or have returned.

The barcode affixed to the packaging of these products is the best ally to make everything simple, fast, and reliable. In particular, three conditions will be necessary: ​​the bar code must be applied to the goods.

You will need a barcode reader or terminal to scan the codes or software for managing the

data collected is required. The realization of this activity as mentioned is particularly simple.

Once a package arrives at the warehouse and presents an appropriate barcode, the logistics operator will only have to “read” the code via the terminal or the barcode reader.

All the information contained in the code that has just been scanned will automatically find its way into the management software, where it will be possible to keep track of the origin of the product, its unique characteristics and, at the same time, it will add (or subtract it in the case of an outgoing shipment) to the quantity of the same product already in inventory.

To make this process a lot easier for you, we suggest you consult the barcode numbering services of CAC so that you can focus on the main activities of business instead of doing this work yourself.

Such a solution facilitates not only the inventory activity but also the daily actions of acquiring and shipping goods, allowing operators to always have their work under control.


As mentioned, outsourcing inventory activities to a barcode data collection solution brings many benefits to logistics and the efficiency of the whole company.

First, the speed of operations is significantly higher, and with it, the accuracy and precision of the data acquired which, in turn, is always available to warehouse operators. This drastically reduces errors, shrinkage, and therefore costs.

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