Get Correct Information About Your Business With Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection

Fraud and misconduct in the workplace can seriously damage your organization. The experts of CAC are qualified to reduce, detect, and resolve cases of Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection, in addition to offering support to protect your reputation and your assets in the event of litigation.

In a context where fraud and financial irregularities are on the increase, early detection and prevention are your best allies. When your reputation is on the line, it is crucial to have an accomplished team able to provide definitive solutions to your most complex problems. At CAC, we make protecting your organization’s assets and interests against misconduct and fraud a priority.

Whether you are the client or their legal representative, you can be sure that the numbers used to calculate or disprove financial losses in litigation are accurate. The litigation support team accompanies you at every step of the resolution process, from pleading to final judgment. We offer civil and criminal litigation support, as well as accounting expertise and investigative skills.

With over several years of experience, CAC’s Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection group picks up anomalies and reconstructs the facts so you can conduct your business with confidence.

Have you heard of “forensic evidence” before? Evidence that is often presented in court. Such evidence can be based on forensic accounting, as a term to describe an analysis of financial information that can be used to support a case in court. Then, what does forensic accounting mean? What are the objectives, scope, stages, and standards of forensic accounting? Check out the following reviews.

Forensic accounting is a variety of accounting and investigative techniques used to find financial fraud.

If you suspect fraud or any other transgression within your company, you must take prompt and discretionary action. The team of investigators and forensic accountants of CAC have extensive experience in law enforcement, office practice, and regulatory matters. By combining their accounting expertise and investigative skills, the professionals can gather the evidence you need to answer the toughest questions. Using an individual approach, they act quickly and confidentially to resolve the most sensitive issues.

Purpose of Forensic Accountants

As a forensic accountant who studies forensic accounting, this accounting aims to examine data by knowing all forms of money theft and their solutions. This type of accounting also shows a report of financial investigations conducted as evidence during a trial, with the accountant testifying as an expert witness.

IT forensic accounting

The evidence will speak for itself: our IT Forensic Accounting team has the necessary expertise to preserve and analyse IT evidence and to report on it, all in compliance with the standards in force in the context of civil proceedings or criminal. In the event of suspected fraud or misconduct on the part of an employee, the firm, CAC, will be able to answer the most difficult questions thanks to its accounting know-how, its investigative skills, and its experience of expert testimony. We will act quickly and confidentially.

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