Forensic accounting and property theft issues

Forensic accounting and property theft issues

Forensic accounting services measure financial data, draw inferences, and generate outcomes “fit for the court” by utilizing accounting, research, and document interpretation. Their services are used by insurance companies, law firms, and other organizations to transform complex financial information into understandable information and, if necessary, persuasive proof.


Can accounting services become a necessity for property theft issues?


Insurance firms frequently contact forensic accounting services in Delhi in conjunction with an insured’s property theft claim, similar to how they do in fidelity instances. Contrary to fidelity claims, however, claims for commercial property theft typically include wrongdoers from outside the business, like someone breaking in via a roof. Criminals often want cash, but if they believe they can readily sell electronics or other items on the street, they may steal them instead.


While determining the value of the stolen goods may appear simple, forensic accountants consider several factors to arrive at a fair estimate. In one instance, a company had a sizable amount of merchandise stolen, and it took the company two whole weeks to replace the lost stock.


In other cases, the stolen inventory might have been waiting on a shelf at the end of a production line for finished goods intended for sale.


The insured may occasionally receive payment for the item’s sales value from the insurance company. However, it will consider expenses like final packaging or distribution not incurred in connection with such products. We work closely with the insurance adjusters to ensure the correct valuation complies with the insurance policy specifications.

Whether the stolen goods were old-fashioned and had lost value can also impact how much harm was done. When calculating a damage estimate, we will consider balance sheets, relevant general ledger entries, manufacturing and purchase logs, balance sheets, and other financial data to establish replacement prices.




Dedicated forensic accountants operate independently. They aim to calculate any loss precisely. Finding the truth and what makes sense is the aim of every investigation, regardless of the subject. Invest in trustworthy forensic accounting services in Delhi today to secure your future.

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