Everything You Should Know About Retail Auditor

Do you want to know if everything works well in the store? Why have sales dropped, and how are the stock levels? To obtain the answers, it is better to apply the retail auditor.

The need for information within the store is already well known; the data is able to boost our sales and in turn, guide the way to the success of retail; that is why it is essential to know every detail of the customer experience.

But it is also necessary to keep track of the steps in terms of store operations, that is, to know the available stock, an assortment of shelves, the number of customers entering and leaving the store, which are the items of greatest demand, among many other performance indicators.

But when it comes to deepening the monitoring and control of each of the movements that are made in the store, it is important to take into account a methodology that has proven its effectiveness; it is the retail auditor.

What is retail auditor?

The retail or retail audit auditor is a tool to obtain market information, which has proven its effectiveness in the complex task of monitoring and controlling sales strategies in retail stores.

It is a study that is carried out on a selected sample of points of sale, usually executed by market research companies, which are responsible for conducting a complete audit, collecting information on the sales volume of a brand, the trends of sales, stock levels, the effectiveness of display and promotion efforts in the store, among other associated aspects.

Advantages of using the retail auditor

This is a good way to evaluate the trends of the commercial activity, reviewing each of the variables involved and establishing a comparison by type of product, brand, or any other aspect that is of interest to improve the operation and income of the store.

Main characteristics of a retail or retail audit auditor

The Retail audit companies offers the possibility of obtaining high precision results that can be compared with the rest of the market, serving to facilitate decision making in the store.

Throwing important data in areas such as; the product, communication strategies, pricing, and distribution. Among its main characteristics of the retail auditor are:

Ability to analyse the entire chain from the producer to the final consumer.

Determine what is sold of the product; it is understood if it is bought by customers only by its brand or if its characteristics or its design are taken into account.

Specify how much is the product sold for; that is, what is the retail price in the store and what is the profit margin of the retailer.


To deepen the study of the data that influence the commercial activity of the store, it is important to consult retail audit companies in India, since in this way, it is possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the different variables involved in the entire buying and selling process. Your application will bring benefits to the store by generating reliable data that will improve decision making and therefore make it much more feasible to open space between the competitions and position a store at optimal levels of operability and performance.

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