Advantages of Carrying Out Inventory and Evaluation of Fixed Assets

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Revaluation of fixed assets is the change in the value of the balance due to the change in market value.

An investor’s decision to invest in a company is made based on special considerations. The ease of obtaining information makes anyone tend to care more about the company that they want to invest in.

By revaluing assets, your company certainly has more value in the eyes of potential investors. The awareness to revaluate assets shows your discipline in managing the company’s financial statements.

Are you planning to evaluate the company’s fixed assets? Then, do you already know a few things about asset revaluation itself? It can be defined, asset revaluation as a revaluation of the company’s fixed assets.

This is done as a result of an increase in the value of assets in the market or because of the low value of fixed assets in the evaluation of financial statements.

The increase or decrease in the value of assets that occur can cause the value of fixed assets in the financial statements to be unreasonable. Under these conditions, revaluation of fixed assets is needed to be carried out so that the company can calculate income and costs more fairly. That way, the true capabilities and value of the company can be known.

To determine the fair value of fixed assets, the law states that the company should work with an expert to assess the business’ assets, thank CAC, you will no longer need to search for a good service provider for this work. The experts of CAC will help you in every possible manner during the valuation of your fixed assets.

In addition to the purposes of accounting, expert valuation of assets is mandatory in cases of creation, reorganization, bankruptcy, liquidation of enterprises, privatization, lease, exchange of state property, taxation, and other operations.

From the perspective of a business organization, the control of fixed assets through inventory enables sensible gains, cleaning up the asset and generating managerial controls for accounting and tax purposes. Amazing, right? That is why it is so important that you subject your company to a fixed asset inventory.

The advantages of carrying out an inventory of fixed assets in your company

Sometimes neglected by companies, often undervalued, fixed assets are considered a purely accounting issue, and this hurts the company.

It is that the absence of the exact dimension of the value of the fixed asset prevents those managerial decisions from being taken based on a sure information, losing the notion of the return on the investments, and underestimating the capacity to reinvest.

You must be clear that there are innumerable advantages of carrying out an inventory of fixed assets and thus obtaining an adequate valuation of the equity.

Fixed asset inventory is essential for businesses

If the company does not properly manage fixed assets, it could not meet any legal requirement, causing losses due to fines imposed by the authorities. But this could be prevented through fixed asset inventory, which is safe and cheap for the company.

Without a doubt, it is worthwhile to carry out an inventory and evaluation of your company’s fixed assets under the guidance of professionals of CAC. You will be able to maintain better control of all assets, and at the same time, you will be better positioned to make decisions that are worthwhile for your company.

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